‘Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.’ – Jeffrey Gitomer

Clients are the backbones behind the making and growing of a business. Urbanflat Consulting
takes the pleasure to maintain the continuity of client-company relationship through its
services and regular follow-ups. We promise to deliver the ‘VALUE’ that the customer expects –
as we believe in the fact that ‘VALUE’ must be defined from the client’s perspective, not the
company’s. We believe in the motto of building customer base and striving to maintain the
customer loyalty. We have started small with a limited customer database and we wish to
reach heights of the ladder with our persistent hard work and integrity towards our customers,
maintaining the quality of our deliverables and improving it over time.

We try and promise to maintain the services that can most exactly maintain the needs of the
clients within their stipulated budgets. With focusing on our internal maneuvering, we are also
happily busy in perpetual client loyalty, research and innovations. This column has been
specially designed to propagate and frame-up our valuable clients who contribute to our firm in
absolutes. We believe that we can be a huge organization in the future with your generous
support and love. A big “THANK YOU’ to all our very own clients.